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Why This Site?

For nearly 2000 years, Christians have been complaining and bragging about how much persecution Christians and Christianity have suffered at the hands of others.  Some of this is true, and some is exaggerated.  Christians have also raised these persecutions to the level of mythology by developing martyrology, a theology of martydom.

But Christians generally do not acknowledge or apologize for the innumerable persecutions Christians and their co-religionists have visited on others, whether believers in other religions or believers in other versions of Christianity.  Even today, many Christians conduct themselves in an abusive and imperialistic manner against believers in different things.

We acknowledge the good that can come (theoretically) from the appropriate exercise of Christianity.  This site will document the aspects that Christians do not, will not or cannot acknowledge, but which are painfully obvious to many others - the hatefulness, bigotry, and violence that are imposed on others.

The myth of Christian persecution in the United States

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The myth of Christian persecution in the United States

Christian Persecution in the USA is a myth

In the Name of Heaven: 3000 Years of Religious Persecution

Mary Jane Engh
Prometheus Books
Year Published: 

"Religion—the source of inspiration, hope, and basic values for most of humanity throughout history—has also been the motive for atrocious persecutions from antiquity to the present. In the Name of Heaven is a wide-ranging historical survey of religious persecution encompassing three millennia and a great diversity of cultures worldwide.

Sacred Violence: African Christians and Sectarian Hatred in the Age of Augustine

Brent D. Shaw
Cambridge University Press
Year Published: 

"One route to understanding the nature of specifically religious violence is the study of past conflicts. Distinguished ancient historian Brent D. Shaw provides a new analysis of the intense sectarian battles between the Catholic and Donatist churches of North Africa in late antiquity, in which Augustine played a central role as Bishop of Hippo.

28 Signs of Christian Privilege in the USA

"1. I can be sure to hear music on the radio and watch specials on television that celebrate the holidays of my religion.
2. I can be sure that my holy day (Sunday) is taken into account when states pass laws (e.g., the sale of liquor) and when retail stores decide their hours (e.g., on Saturdays, they are open about 12 hours; on Sundays, they are closed or open for only a few hours).
3. I can assume that I will not have to work or go to school on my significant religious holidays.

Were Early Christians Really Persecuted? Historian Reveals the Surprising Truth

"A new book says under the Roman empire, "Christians were never the victims of sustained, targeted persecution."
February 25, 2013  |   

Candida Moss on Whether Christian Martyrs are a Myth

"I recently got my hands on a copy of Dr. Candida Moss's latest book, "The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom." As a person of faith and an academic, I was fascinated and challenged by some of her findings about how ancient Christian martyr stories continue to affect how many Christians understand their faith today, and I wanted to know more. What follows is an in-depth series of questions that I asked to Dr. Moss, who's a New Testament scholar at Notre Dame University:

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